6 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy and Happy

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“Even cats grow lonely and anxious.” —Mason Cooley   Does your cat crave the great outdoors? Does she spend her days looking longingly out the window, wishing she were out there doing what comes naturally to her: seeking, hunting, and pouncing? While many owners of indoor cats feel guilty depriving their feline friends of all [...]

Why You Need Low Stress Veterinary Visits

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Low Stress veterinary care is a paradigm shift within the veterinary industry. The change is happening because we are better able to understand the connections between a stressful visit and a pet’s overall wellness. In this article, you will learn exactly why low stress care is critical for your pet’s mental and physical health, along [...]

Heartworm Prevention – What to Know

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Several parasites tend to infect our furry friends more so than others. It’s important to know how to properly protect your pet against parasites so he or she can live a happy, healthy, parasite-free life for as long as possible. Chances are you have probably heard about the nuisance of flea and tick infestations, but [...]

Puppy Care Basics – 3 important steps

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First off – congratulations! Adopting a puppy is one of the most joyous occasions we can think of. When you adopt a puppy, it’s very helpful to have a guide that explains what steps to take next. That’s exactly what we wrote this article for! In this guide, you’ll learn how to take care of [...]

Winter Holiday Hazards – Pet Safety Tips

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The winter holidays pose unique hazards to pets. Fortunately, these hazards can be easily prevented with a little bit of careful planning. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common threats to your pet’s health during the winter holidays, along with some advice on simple steps that you can take to keep your pet [...]

Pet Safety tips for Halloween

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Halloween is usually known for fun, jack-o-lanterns, and happy trick-or-treaters. But many people don’t know that it is actually one of the most dangerous evenings for pets. In this article, you will learn the common threats that pets face during Halloween. You will also learn easy ways to prevent these threats from harming your pet, [...]

5 Common Health Conditions in Senior Cats

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Nowadays, cats are living longer than ever! Because of these extended lifespans, it’s important for cat owners to learn about the health conditions that are common in aging cats. In this article, you’ll learn about a few health conditions that you should be aware of, which symptoms to look out for, and preventative steps that [...]

5 common health conditions in senior dogs

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Dog ownership is a constant source of joy, fulfillment, and love. As your dog ages, care requirements change. And when your dog becomes a senior, they become more susceptible to certain health conditions that require your attention and action. Each health condition we talk about is treatable (especially at its onset), which is why we’re [...]

Periodontal Disease – Protecting your pet

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The most common health condition in dogs and cats is periodontal disease. In fact, by the age of 3, the majority of dogs and cats develop periodontal disease. It can be tricky to spot symptoms of the disease, and the condition can have a range of ill effects on your pet’s long term health and [...]