Pet-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

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Resolutions are common this time of year, and they are beneficial to setting your own goals for the year ahead. This is also a great time to make positive changes in your pet’s life. Our Southwest Vet team understands your pet’s importance in your life, and we are committed to helping you jump-start your furry [...]

4 Reasons Pet Wellness Screenings Are Important

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Regular wellness screenings are one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve your pet’s longevity and quality of life. Our Southwest Vet team wants to provide information about what these visits involve, and reasons why they are so important to your pet’s health and wellbeing. #1: Wellness screenings help keep your pet at a [...]

4 Paw Hotels—Tips for Staying at a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

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Gone are the days when a vacation meant leaving your furry friends behind with a pet sitter or at a boarding facility. With the increase in pet-friendly accommodations, including resorts, hotels, rental properties, and campgrounds, many more pets are taking their rightful seat on the classic summer road trip.  If your summer plans include cruising [...]

5 Tips to Manage Pet Allergies

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Allergies commonly affect pets, and can be extremely problematic and difficult to control. Pet allergies can’t be prevented, but you can take steps to help alleviate your pet’s distress and discomfort. Our team at Southwest Vet wants to provide tips to help you better manage pet allergies. #1: Ensure your pet receives year-round flea protection [...]

5 Diseases Transmitted by Pets to People

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Pets contribute so much to your life, but like your other family members, they can spread diseases to you. By providing information about the diseases your pet can transmit, our team at Southwest Vet wants to help you and your family avoid infection.  #1: Your pet can transmit rabies to you Rabies is an extremely [...]

Addressing the Effects of Veterinary Overload

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The pandemic has challenged our veterinary professionals, but we are persevering. Our veterinary team at Southwest Vet is deeply committed to providing the best service possible for you and your pet, and these difficult times have not altered this commitment. Many adverse issues have contributed to veterinary overload, and we would like to set your [...]

Don’t Be Such a Pill—Pet Medication FAQs

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Pet owners often discontinue their pet’s medication before the prescription is finished, because giving their dog or cat a pill is such a hassle. Unfortunately, this leads to resistant infections, untreated illnesses, and negative associations with medication. To help improve the pet and owner experience, we provide this guide with answers to the most common [...]

4 Back to School Concerns for Your Pet

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As the new school year starts, you are likely busy getting your children prepared for their first day. But, before the school buses start rolling, you may want to consider the effect of the upcoming schedule and lifestyle changes on your pet. Our team at Southwest Vet wants to make this time as stress free [...]

Parasitic Diseases: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Safe

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Although Austin rarely gets truly cold, we always hope our insect population will die off during the winter. Unfortunately, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can pop up as soon as the temperature is above freezing, so these bloodsucking pests are prevalent every day of the year—unless a freak blizzard hits. And, these bugs aren’t only annoying [...]

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